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Should Not Hearts Burn to Witness

Lord, You have both written on and speak to my inner being; how I long to write something that would speak to Yours.  Though You have no need for men's words, You delight Yourself in those who keep Your commandments, offering them friendship and testifying to their obedience before the enemy and before the world.  Pour out Your Spirit, oh Lord, upon Your scribe that I write outside of myself, for if I may pen what touches the heart of God, then surely the stone within men would shatter as their minds engage to the inscription by your finger.

Is this similar to your prayer - for the capability to transcribe or verbalize your faith to a hardened world?  At some point, we have prayed that another be saved, and yet when their salvation involves us being the instrument for presentation, we are suddenly unwilling to lift either hand or foot for their sake.  How can we say that we have loved anyone to a level beyond or even to the equivalency of that which we have for ourselves?  And, if we refuse love for others, we love not God.  How then can we assume righteousness?  How then do we have the audacity to ask the Lord for anything?  We, who have rejected the call and commands of God while taking on the guise of servants, have become something far worse than enemies of God - sons and daughters of perdition.

Communicate neither nothingness nor death but life.  If by spoken word particles appeared forming complete matter and light, cells following to knit the complexity of complete organisms, and if through The Word are we born again, then we are without excuse when abiding in silence and inaction rather than faith, hope, and love - these expressed truly within the Gospel in the person of Jesus Christ.  Failing to witness leaves us as the spiritually mute or paralytic.  Contrarily, some, who suffer from such infirmities physically, yield to no impediment that seeks to stifle their open profession, however they are able.  Should our hearts not burn as such?  Let the words pour forth and witness.

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Tue, September 10, 2013 | Registered CommenterCraig Gilley, Technical Director

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