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    It's been a long time since a physically viewable update on the site. Due to inactivity on the forums, we've decided to make our Facebook page act as our forums. We are also planning several new things for the future, so please, stay tuned!


    Added our first written topic to the Topics page: Progression to Profession. Click on the link provided to be directed to our forums and check it out. Provide feedback, if you wish, and tell us what you think!


    Part 1 of The Politically Correct Christian is now available on iTunes! Part 2 will be released next Friday! Enjoy and please send us feedback! Thanks!


    This week we're trying something new for us! As we have become more adept at putting together our episodes and as the Lord continues to move in all of this, the length of each episode continues to grow. To make it more convenient for each of our listeners we are now going to start breaking up the longer podcasts into two or more episodes. Please tell us what you think!! Thanks!


    Finished fixing links on the site and revamped the xml page making it easy to upload podcasts. Episode 2: Justifying Sin is now available on iTunes.
    Been a while since an update but lots of work has been done and tons more to go! Our .org site has hit the web today! Also, just a reminder, Episode 1-Christianity is now available on itunes. The latest discussion preview is up, so please hit the forums and tell us what you think!

    The Pilot is now available for download on iTunes! Thanks for all the support! The first episode should follow this Friday!