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#45: The Roman Road, Part 9

Join Greg, Brian, and Rodney today for part 9 of the Roman Road!!!

#33: Witnessing 1.0

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#25: On the Lake with God - Greg #1: Be Still and Hear the Voice of God

Today we introduce a new format to Still Ripples.  Sometimes either Greg -- or in this case Brian -- is unable to be there to produce the podcast.  We don't want to short change our listeners, so we've decided to put out a new series of topics that will appear whenever one of the guys is unable to attend.  It's called "On the Lake With God".  What if you were all alone...just you in a boat on a lake in near complete silence with nothing but the wind, water, and crickets to which to listen?  This is about getting alone and getting real with God and talking about whatever crosses your heart and mind.  Enjoy!

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#11: Defining Christian Terms, Part 3 of 4

How are words such as salvation, sin, and the Trinity defined?  What does it mean to be holy or sanctified in Christ?  Find out the meaning of these words and more in the third part of this week's Still Ripples!

#2: Justifying Sin
#3: Reasons or Excuses
#1: Christianity

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