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#69: The Weight of Questions - Sailing Through the Book of Job: Chapter 8, Part 2

This week Greg and Brian conclude chapter 8 of Job.

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#52: The Roman Road, Part 14

Greg, Brian, and Rodney conclude the Roman Road. Hope everyone enjoyed our walk through the Book of Romans!

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#28: On the Lake with God - Brian #1: I am a Christian... - Profess the Faith, Live the Life, or Be Silent

Today we continue a new format to Still Ripples.  Sometimes either Brian -- or in this case Greg -- is unable to be there to produce the podcast.  We don't want to short change our listeners, so we've decided to put out a new series of topics that will appear whenever one of the guys is unable to attend.  It's called "On the Lake With God".  What if you were all alone...just you in a boat on a lake in near complete silence with nothing but the wind, water, and crickets to which to listen?  This is about getting alone and getting real with God and talking about whatever crosses your heart and mind.  Enjoy!

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