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As we shift into the holiday season, we see many around us counting their blessings, and we too are asked what we have to be thankful for in our lives. Though I often reserve that for “around the table” or “living room talk,” I figured that I would not shirk the responsibility of sharing it outside of that atmosphere and thus, outside of my standard comfort zone.


To begin, I have two wonderful parents who have never failed in the least to somehow express how much they love me. I admire them, look up to them both, and know that how they live their lives will always act as two models in which I will be blessed to emulate. I have an amazing sister, who possesses a strength that I am only beginning to realize. She has faced odds in her life -- mountains in my perspective -- and walked upon them. Although I have many who I count as friends, there are three in particular who I wish to acknowledge: JK for providing me with a place to stay when I needed it....and for the insistence on teaching me in the “ways of manliness,” I think...and Greg and Craig -- more than just podcast associates...brothers in Christ, without whom this ministry would not be possible. With Greg, I have seen a co-worker grow into one of my closest friends, and with Craig -- a mere acquaintance become a dearest friend as well.


I say all of this first to, yes, give acknowledgment to every one of these individuals in my life, but also to show you that even with all of these loved ones and the enrichment that they bring, the One who truly deserves thanks -- without Him, true joy would not be possible. Attending seminary for nearly four years now, studying religion and religions has more and more made me take weight of what mankind attempts to do and yet what Christ has accomplished. While every worldly religion calls for works, loads us with baggage, and makes false, unfulfilled promises, Jesus rescues the soul, relieves the heart, and renews the mind -- to Him, I am forever grateful, wonderfully indebted, and dedicate this life, not season, of Thanksgiving.


May God richly bless each and every one of you.

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