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Listen for Wisdom (From Proverbs 8)

The hour grows late.

The dark veil falls.

Silence pierces the comfort. Shall I regard the begging questions or heed the ache? Nay. Everyman - of humanity’s breath - am I, and pride is my tether. Though to what it is anchored, why inquire? Is not life about exploring the many relative possibilities to answer its riddle?

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Corollaries for the Unyielding

The life that refuses to acknowledge the authority, character, and will of God shall experience and exhibit four major consequences:

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The Tapestry of God's Will

The complexity of will is as such that no aspect, variable, or condition of it can be analyzed or interpreted separately from the whole. To do anything less, disregards a fellow human being as simple, whose reasons and rights are limited to the critique of others. How much more respectfully, then, should we handle God's?

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Tracing Eden with the Cross

Considering my own life and seeing the similarities with others of the Christian Faith, I can say with certainty that one of the most costly failures that we all experience is the equivocating, mistaking, and substituting of wisdom for/with knowledge or intelligence.

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Reflections of Gratefulness

This time of year, many of us will sit and contemplate what we are thankful for... The trend is to just list items or people -- and there's nothing wrong with that. But I thought I would take a different approach and reflect back on things that have happened to me over these last two years.

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