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Listen for Wisdom (From Proverbs 8)

The hour grows late.

The dark veil falls.

Silence pierces the comfort. Shall I regard the begging questions or heed the ache? Nay. Everyman - of humanity’s breath - am I, and pride is my tether. Though to what it is anchored, why inquire? Is not life about exploring the many relative possibilities to answer its riddle?

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Selfishness Disguised...Mercy Redefined

A transition has taken place within this country that long ago, in the time and region of Solomon, the sides for which were adequately articulated. Some would say that these were composed as such: the true mother, an imposter, and the child as the dividing line, with wisdom to be the saving grace. Wisdom certainly has its permanent place in this event, and I would never consider anything less for it. The message goes so much deeper, though. It is not merely about two women disputing over who is the mother of the baby. This is a story depicting the differing characters of selfishness and love. Love begs for mercy even at great cost while selfishness desires the sword rather than accept responsibility.

The only differences in our day: no one is fighting over the parental position, and we call the sword mercy.