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Skipping Stones #10: Set Free

What does it mean to be free? Can you truly be set free if you are unaware that you are in bondage -- a slave? What does spiritual freedom look like?

In today's Skipping Stones, Greg & Brian will explore what it means to be set free through accepting the gift of Jesus Christ and how those who are not in Christ are already enslaved, whether they realize it or not.

#8: Defining Christian Terms, Part 1 of 4
#116: Christianity - Message of Hatred or Recognition of the Sacred? - Sin


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#35: The Ten Commandments, Part 1

What exactly is specified in the Ten Commandments?  What about divorce?  Capital Punishment?  Abortion?  To some, these may seem to be topics that are predominately a modern concern....and yet they aren't.  Get ready to hear this week's discussion with Greg and Brian on Still Ripples!

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#29: Outpour - The Aspects and Reasons for Prayer

Today, we talk about the importance of prayer.  Sorry that we were delayed in getting this up on iTunes.  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks! =)

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