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#126: On the Lake - Praising God in Spite of Pain

As they reflect on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, Greg & Brian go "On the Lake" to discuss how we are to continue praising and worshiping God even through tragedy and suffering.

#56: Forgiveness
#55: Tragedy
#57: The Weight of Questions - Job: Chapter 1

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#121: Christianity - Message of Hatred or Recognition of the Sacred? - Hot-Button Issue: Tolerance / Conclusion: Sacredness

Greg & Brian discuss a "hot-button" topic: tolerance -- how does Christianity's definition of this subject compare to the world's? Finally, as we conclude our series on Christianity's true message, the guys answer the question: Is it a message of hatred, or a recognition of the sacred?

#4: The Politically Correct Christian...?, Part 1
#5: The Politically Correct Christian...?, Part 2
#6: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin, Part 1
#7: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin, Part 2
#35: The Ten Commandments, Part 1
#36: The Ten Commandments, Part 2
#92: Outpour - Marriage
#2: Justifying Sin
#13: The Attributes of God, Part 1 of 2
#14: The Attributes of God, Part 2 of 2

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#37: The Roman Road, Part 1

Welcome to the book of Romans. This week Greg and Brian are joined by Rodney McDuff for a journey in reading and commentary through one of the greatest pieces of theological literature ever written. Do you want to understand Christianity in its fullness? Journey with us as we read the "Constitution of Christianity" part 1.

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#35: The Ten Commandments, Part 1

What exactly is specified in the Ten Commandments?  What about divorce?  Capital Punishment?  Abortion?  To some, these may seem to be topics that are predominately a modern concern....and yet they aren't.  Get ready to hear this week's discussion with Greg and Brian on Still Ripples!

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