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To What is Sacred

Sacredness - rooted in the very nature and character of God as expressed in His Word, His Law, and the created order so that to violate this is to stand in direct opposition of Him, to reject blessing, to ransom yourself to the flesh and/or the world, to treat the great gift of salvation as nothing more than a rechargeable feeling, renewable high, or replaceable trinket.

What is sacred?

Truth - The most valuable thing in the world. Consistent, coherent, revealing, unveiling, and, in reference to Christ Himself, living and absolute. It is light piercing distortion and the expression of the immutable goodness of God and His Word.

Life - We were created in the very image of Almighty God and instilled with intrinsic value, accounted for and emphasized in the life, example, and Cross of Christ.

Love - Neither simply an emotional response nor an embodiment of person, God is love and has both provided it as the highest of virtues and calls us to express it selflessly and without discrimination or preference.

Relationship - God is one and in complete relationship in the Trinity(Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and created humanity with the inner desire for it: to be one in fulfillment of relationship with Him, to be one in worship of God with fellow believers, to be one in marriage as man and woman drawn together embodying the image of Christ's love for the Church, and to be one in family centered on God with honor and respect.

Worship - The proper response of man to God involving every aspect of life. It is the acknowledgement of God's ultimate authority and central position. Reflecting the glory of God in total submission and praise.

Blessing - Every gift, provision, and act of merciful care is from the Lord to be given or taken away in accordance to His will, not to be coveted but to draw the proper response to Him of praise and worship.

Sexuality - The unique culmination of the marriage relationship characterizing and encapsulating oneness, and, while a blessing, so important that it required its own commandment.

True Christianity, then, is not a message of hatred; it is a recognition of the sacred.

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