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Lamentation for America

Mankind cannot survive without an ideal to follow and an icon to whom to strive. Shall we continue in our state where we have become enslaved by our own ambitions, arrogance, and pleasures, or will we open ourselves to humility, see the parameters of our limitations, and admit to the need we can never fill within humanity?

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Seeing the Truth and Will of God

Feeling is never an acceptable standard for determining truth or measuring the will of God. As human beings we dread what we do not understand, we are hesitant of the uncomfortable, and we mistake a minute level of happiness for the overwhelming, fulfilling joy that only He provides and elicits within the believer. Paralleled to three of the major components or factors incorporated into the human eye for vision, there are three that form the standard that allows us to "see."

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To the One Who Hurts

What wisdom is behind your suffering?
What lesson is there to gain?
When everyday carries ceaseless hurt, you wonder what you have done.
Is there virtue or reason as worry increases?
Knowing the why may alleviate the senseless, and yet question is felt.
Silence seems the response to prayer and doubt, the true watcher. In all that you know of His Word...His character...His love, is there glory in pain?

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I Don't Know

I’ll never understand how “I don’t know” could ever be a sufficient answer for truth. By sufficient, I mean that it must satisfy curiosity, answer questions, and comfort. Admittedly, it is quite honest, but when a lack of knowledge is coupled with no effort to seek it, then essentially you embrace a world-view centered on ignorance: you have no curiosity, you ignore questions that must be answered, and the only comfort you feel is that you can coast through life just fine as long as you tolerate everything, offend few, and have to defend nothing, with the exception of the deficiency in understanding anything.


Discord of Disconnection

There are times when I feel such a disconnection from the Lord. When from Him I wonder where I am. How did I get into this desert valley - the only one crossing this "no-man's land"? I hunger... I thirst and every step grows heavier as my shoes fill with sand and sink below the surface. Sweat fills my brow. Pain enflames every limb. Doubt clouds even the notion of confidence. My direction has faded....

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