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The Tapestry of God's Will

The complexity of will is as such that no aspect, variable, or condition of it can be analyzed or interpreted separately from the whole. To do anything less, disregards a fellow human being as simple, whose reasons and rights are limited to the critique of others. How much more respectfully, then, should we handle God's? There are three parts to will: conception, implementation, and fulfillment. Without knowing it's conception, grasping its implementation, and realizing its fulfillment, another's will does not fall within our purview of authority, and yet how often do we criticize the Divine? To us, He is the exception... we are His contemporaries and thus, feel as though we can downplay, grade, question, or even rewrite His sovereignty.

The Father's plan is an eternal tapestry that cannot be divided, resown, or sheared. One cannot perfectly section it for isolated analysis. Each strand must be viewed in consideration of the whole picture -- that which we are not able to see. Revelation highlights the borders, but faith is essential in trusting the constancy of theme.

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