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Corollaries for the Unyielding

The life that refuses to acknowledge the authority, character, and will of God shall experience and exhibit four major consequences:

1.) a stifled love greatly limited by pride, held within the borders of the mirror used as scale and viewed with eyes influenced little by heart and even less by conscience,
2.) a struggle for identity in constant need of redefining, corresponding with each new stage or crisis due to fixation on the finite, which is always in flux and never firm,
3.) a starvation for purpose, hungering for fulfillment resulting in a life composed in meaninglessness, searching for reason either within or sometimes without itself, though refusing to bend a knee, directed by accumulation, anger, desire, fear, loneliness, preference, or self-aggrandizement, and
4.) stagnation of ability and talent put only to profit rather than serve to accomplish as an outworking expression of His loving grace.


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