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An Appeal to Authority

As I read the I hear the Word of God preached, time and time again nothing brings more comfort to my heart and shakes me to my very soul than that of His sovereignty. Feed me messages of His love...His power...His mercy and grace, but deny me not characterizations, examples, or illustrations to His everlasting authority, without which would He be able to be completely faithful to His Word...without which would He be worthy of worship?
No! Truth, then, would never be absolute. Love could not extend beyond the physical. No restoration-an atheist's paradise? Hardly. Nonexistence would be reality, and as for humanity, not freed individuals; instead the "never were."
God's ultimate sovereignty IS reality whether a positive finish for the believer or negative for the denier, God's will be done.
Appealing not to preference but drawing upon purity...
Regarding not pride but uplifting humility...
God's will be done.
With all account of the world, the flesh, the enemy and the totality pain and sorrow brought in by these...
Yet, considering the provision of the Son submitting to the Father, overcoming all your life I beg you to say..God's will be done.

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