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Discord of Disconnection

There are times when I feel such a disconnection from the Lord. When from Him I wonder where I am. How did I get into this desert valley - the only one crossing this "no-man's land"? I hunger... I thirst and every step grows heavier as my shoes fill with sand and sink below the surface. Sweat fills my brow. Pain enflames every limb. Doubt clouds even the notion of confidence. My direction has faded....

No. The way is clear - my path made straight by saving grace marked by the blood of Christ. I had lost focus, allowing pride to rob faith and laziness to replace service. Yet, truth departs not, and the familiar, soft, still voice remains upon my heart. Again, I feel the impressment, if I would but listen:

Dear one, remember the Lord your God as He has not forgotten you. Hope in His Word and resist neither its veracity nor the well-spring of compassion.
Can truth deceive?
Does ever-lasting love cease?
I created you, saved you, sanctify you, and preserve you even now in spite of failure and question, for I am faithful, fulfilling, and freeing.

Within my presence, enter peace.
Walk in my will and know joy

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