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To the One Who Hurts

What wisdom is behind your suffering?
What lesson is there to gain?
When everyday carries ceaseless hurt, you wonder what you have done.
Is there virtue or reason as worry increases?
Knowing the why may alleviate the senseless, and yet question is felt.
Silence seems the response to prayer and doubt, the true watcher. In all that you know of His Word...His character...His love, is there glory in pain?

You reach the crumbling point, where fear has its hold. The constancy without exception is the waiting.
Waiting for what?
Purposed to what?
Resulting in what?
Your strength is but dust.
Hope has set.
Peace-sorrow, like a flood, overwhelms.
Fortitude fades.  Fists fall. Final farewell?
What glory is there in your life?

Your state has become your cross...a noose instead of a yoke.
You plead..
You bargain...
You argue....
Where is glory?!

"Be still, and know I Am.
My eye has never left you.
My Spirit indwells your heart.
Your life is Mine.

"Precious child, I have allowed it all, not because I hate you but because I love you.
Shall I bless you without also asking for witness?
Has this generation seen the Sacrifice?
Can any man measure Calvary?

"Take note and number the lost, if you can.
One man does not know Me.
Another simply lives in denial.
One more hates Me.
Though I love them all, they remain in themselves.

"Child of my eye:
        I gave you a splinter that My Tree be considered.
        I gave you an ounce of My cup that My portion be seen.
        I gave you testimony that My Word be believed.

"Will you allow hurt to help another?
Will you suffer for their salvation?

"Be My prophet...My psalmist...My miracle-life to these.
Ask...ask of Me and receive.
I will give you grace through the hardship, for I am the Lord your God, and when your service is complete, I WILL clothe you in glory."


*Dedicated to Megan and Judy*

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