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Seeing the Truth and Will of God

Feeling is never an acceptable standard for determining truth or measuring the will of God. As human beings we dread what we do not understand, we are hesitant of the uncomfortable, and we mistake a minute level of happiness for the overwhelming, fulfilling joy that only He provides and elicits within the believer.

Paralleled to three of the major components or factors incorporated into the human eye for vision, there are three that form the standard that allows us to "see":

The Bible is the "lens" through which we may focus or direct on the object of our concentration, the person of God - who He is, His nature, his power and so forth. Without the lens, some seeing is possible, but correction is needed. Likewise, aspects of truth might be ascertained and information may be gathered, yet without revelation, full comprehension is impossible; correction is needed. The lens could be distorted (cults) or missing altogether (atheism/agnosticism/false religion). Still, even when present, as with sight, more is required to know His will.

For the eye, field of view deals with the extent of what can be observed at once. Faith is man's spiritual "field of view," yet, it requires the lens - the direction of revelation (such as Scripture). With that in place, our investment of faith, great or small, determines our degree of sincerity. Either we limit God in accordance to our unbelief, or we allow Him to operate within the full range that He has so provided. While faith is needed for salvation, a third component is necessary to know the will of God.

Without light, perception is impossible. Just as the eye needs it to see, the believer needs the Holy Spirit to illuminate Scripture to understanding and to pierce doubt to the fortification of faith. In reference to the will of God, the Spirit guides with conviction and confirmation, not fear and confusion. His absence at any point would leave us as persons groping in one of two forms of darkness: the mystery of Truth or the mystery of service.

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