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Lamentation for America

Mankind cannot survive without an ideal to follow and an icon to whom to strive. Shall we continue in our state where we have become enslaved by our own ambitions, arrogance, and pleasures, or will we open ourselves to humility, see the parameters of our limitations, and admit to the need we can never fill within humanity? Once the question presents, we reach for anything other than restoration because we have become so used to playing as gods that there no longer is room for God in our lives or, rather, if we are truly honest with ourselves, it is the refusal of His presence akin to a child who trades one amusement for another simply because something new has arrived, and our interest has changed.
But, what of our attitudes and perspectives?

What calls us?
What captures us?
What captivates us?
The world...the flesh...the deception of the enemy.

So, here is our yield:
Praise for the man who does evil -- objective moral values denied.
Regard for the professor who teaches relativity -- absolute truth rejected.
Veneration for the politician who promotes secularism...for the lawyer who attacks religion -- God removed.

What should replace Christianity since man has demoted God:
Agnosticism with its standards of confusion and doubt or Atheism with its contradiction of devaluing/desacralizing the human life while also glorifying it as the "all is?" The inevitability would be a vacuum replacing the hole inside the human heart as a product of either of these, attracting one of the following: 1.) a tyranny with a society devoid of a conscience or 2.) a doctrine, forced or otherwise, comprising of a variation of one worldview or a conglomeration of many -- perhaps merely the incorporation of beliefs such as karma, reincarnation, liberation by works, and some degree of a moral compass, if one at all depending on the popular view of evil and our idea of tolerance -- an ineffective influence on the world ripe for destruction.

The voice of Atheism grows ever bold and boisterous to our hearing, claiming to be the pathway to the eventual, discoverable answers that speak to our deepest longings. See, though, the undercoating of sedation -- words that seek to stifle the contrary outcry of our souls with distractions. If only bones could speak, what would they say? What could they teach us? If God raised millions from graves, ashes, and pits in Germany, Russia, and China to testify of the last century, would we hear Nietzsche praised, Darwin honored, and the accomplishments of secularism heralded? Innocent blood could give witness to the natural outworking of a worldview without God brought about by such ideas and proponents of them. If not the dead, then the survivors speak, if not them, then history, and if not history, then advocates faithful to truth. Would we even listen to bones, if they breathed again? No, because we already refuse to listen to the living. Their words would pass into the wind as mine will now.

What, then can be said? Atheist, provide your defense; explain your doctrine. Would you separate yourself from Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? What in Atheism gives value to the lives they destroyed and condemns these men in their beliefs? Relativism lends you no ground, so the only option is to attack that in which you disagree. You shout of violence in Christendom...of crusades, yet did not Jesus halt Peter's hand? Christ called for a crusade of the heart and the mind beginning with sacrifice, not with the sword, and established His kingdom thusly. Can any atheist regime make such a claim?

America is no longer a shining city upon a hill; she is a city in crisis. As a country, we have become a byword among the nations who settled us, and instead of accepting that as a secondary point of confirmation of our traditional morality, we digress, making paragons of the reprobate. The Glory is departing.

The sun has set as darkness is given sway. We trade soul for silver and wisdom for sensuality -- prosperity being our measure. The Light is fading.

We lie to our children, and soon a generation will rise up without conviction -- one who detests mercy.  They will heed not proverb but commit themselves to the vanity of vanities. Knowledge remains so long as the Lamp still burns, lit by the meditative heart -- the Lamp to the one Door.

How do we deny the eternal principles, which demand from us the highest quality of character? Reduce them to merely an idea, yet they remain intact, surviving the collapse of societies and crossing borders and oceans as Jesus silences the dirges and proclamations given by His opponents and rolls aside their stones. Corollated with faith and imparted by love -- hope, within the child of God, will never be extinguished.

But, oh, America, we have taken our God-given freedom and forged shackles with it. Shall we tie a noose soon? Withhold honor as Nazareth? Live as Sodom?...Kill as Jerusalem?
America -- whose inception came on the wings of prayer...whose foundation was lain by Pilgrim, Puritan, priest, and patriot.

Christian, how low will you long will you be adulterers to love and proliferators of only the truths you show partiality? Declare the wholeness of God and His complete Word.
America, listen for the LORD calls you. Awaken! Days fall as the leaves in Autumn and grant but a season before His blessing is withdrawn.

Yet, I fear that the time is at hand. The rod of the Lord draws nigh to chasten whom He loves. Obey His reproof as it is better to be in His hand than man's, for in His lovingkindness -- only then -- will we be saved.

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"Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first. If you don’t repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches." -- Revelation 2:5 (NLT)

Thu, August 15, 2013 | Registered CommenterCraig Gilley, Technical Director

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